Brand Refresh

Vana is a South African fashion lifestyle brand that caters to the upper end of the market. Specialising in luxury exotic leather handbags, Vana is distinctively a cut above the rest.

Market Expansion
VANA Brand Refresh

Owned by the beautiful Vanashree Singh, the VANA brand was not the brand you see today in fact the brand was once called VanaShree.

In 2016, Vanashree approached Modism to assist her in launching her brand in Vendôme Paris, during Paris Fashion Week.

The brand required a full through the line marketing and PR strategy to launch in international markets with only 6 months in which to make it happen.

The task was mammoth and Modism had to re-position Vanashree as global player amongst the best whilst still maintaining a local appeal.

The Challenge:

Vanashree only had 6 months till the launch and she was travelling in and out of the country during those 6 months and a lot of work needed to be covered, the biggest being: How do we establish a South African brand as a leading player amongst strong, global competitors at a similar price point.

The Strategic Approach:

Through strategic innovation we creatively partnered with Vanashree to become her marketing leg in her business and immersed ourselves into her business.

Through intense workshops and research we unpacked the industry, the brand and the audience to dig up the key insights that would give her brand the leverage it needed in this competitive environment.

Some of those insights led to a new logo, new brand look and feel and even impacted the actual influence of the bag's design elements and an entirely new brand essence and story.

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VANA Rebrand

We managed the brand’s social pages and developed and executed marketing and social media strategies; creating a singular identity across all social platforms where the brand lived.

In addition, we developed new content and provided brand guidelines for Vanashree’s travel’s and posting schedules whilst abroad to assist her in her daily capturing of key events.

We ultimately grew her social media influences and engagements across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Why not give her a follow @Vana_Official

Content Strategy
Social Media Management

We managed relationships with suppliers both in PR and graphic design to ensure a seamless translation of brand into execution an co-created content for the VANA launch.

In a nutshell we partnered on the following:

•Marketing and Sales Strategy

•Content Strategy and Content Creation

•Social Media Approach and Management

•Brand Engagement

•Press Kit Launch

•Creative Direction

•Brand Culture And Experience Definition •

The Result?

VanaShree became VANA, with a new look and feel.

Her brand grew in awareness and we created a clear and compelling point of relevance that resonates amongst both international and local markets in a congruent manner.

We had a lot of fun on the journey and VANA was ready for Paris in under 6 months.

Contact us if you'd like us to assist you like we did Vana.