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Meet Modi

Natasha Modi Coach

I'm Natasha, The Modi in Modism 

I have a passion for people and a drive for turning their dreams into living legacies.

I specifically love connecting people's passions to their purpose and igniting the two so it comes alive.


If you have a vision to do something great sit with us for 90 minutes I guarantee you that we'll not only stretch your vision we'll help you plot tangible action steps so you are intentional in your approach.

I'm a solution orientated, challenger. I don't give up easily- so come with your obstacles and together we'll navigate through those tough terrains.

I love start-ups, I believe they are one of the solutions to the economic crises and they need our support.

I value relationships so a good conversation over a strong cappuccino always goes down well with me.

Our Values

Our values are strong but simple:

Servant Leadership

You'll discover that we treat your business as our own. We are faithful stewards of what is entrusted to us.

We hold ourselves to high standards; delivering service with excellence and integrity ensuring that how we show up is noble.

We are crafters of our thoughts and work.


We value ideas and believe that collaboration raises the genius bar.


We believe in playing people to their strengths so we partner with the best to ensure high quality services and products.

We value relationships and prescribe to honest and transparent communication.

Wisdom For Life

We are curious minds. Deep divers. Astute thinkers.

We ask questions that will challenge stale thoughts, false beliefs and toxic mindsets to unveil fresh insights that will transform your brand's relationship with your key audiences as well as shift your perspective to see a different reality.


We believe that a business is built by wisdom, it is established by understanding and finally filled with all the good things through knowledge.

So we bring these to the table.


In fact, if you re-arrange the letters of Modism, you'll find the makings of Wisdom in there.


We are strategic minds, with servant hearts and a creative flow - thought leaders in transformational coaching, strategic thinking and creative solutions.


Our extensive background in advertising and branding across many leading global brands, categories and industries combined with culturally diverse social upbringings and a love for theological studies and coaching experience, our depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding and strategic insight has become a valuable resource for many of our clients.

The road to success has many kinks and curveballs and with our provocative questions, powerful strategic insights and wisdom from years of experience we're here to empower and guide you through the journey so that you can outwit and outplay your competition whilst chartering new frontiers into market leadership whilst living out your purpose.

If we haven't convinced you yet that we are the then visit our social profiles, read some of our client testimonials or book a 1-2-1 and let's connect.

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