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Brand Management

Updated: Feb 16

B&B Situated In Umhlanga Durban, South Africa
Luxurious Accommodation

34 On Milkwood, is a upmarket Bed & Breakfast, situated in Umhlanga near Gateway.

Ex home to the current CEO, this modern B&B, required Modism to come in an assist them with brand and business management as well as operational efficiencies.

The Challenge:

Sales were down at the B&B due to the absence of effective marketing strategies and management systems. Additionally, the departure of the previous brand manager left the staff without leadership, exacerbating the situation..

Strategic Approach:

Through strategic innovation, Modism partnered with 34 On Milkwood to assume management of the B&B for a designated period.

Implementing structured operational systems, we enhanced efficiency and optimised workflows, fostering improved ways of working.

Collaborating with the staff, we co-created actionable solutions, ensuring implementation and adoption of plans.

Managing the front desk, we facilitated seamless booking processes and activated promotional campaigns to attract new clientele. Additionally, Modism oversaw staff and daily operations.

•Operations System Planning

•Guest Attendance Register

•Booking Management

•Brand Engagement

•Marketing Management

The Result?

We bolstered overall business productivity and enhanced daily operations management, resulting in more effective and efficient service delivery.

Train Staff To Live The Brand- Experience Quality Service - breakfast

"When my profits were down, Modism came in and within a month of managing my brand I saw improvements. I highly recommend you use their services to get business insights to grow your brand."
CEO, 34 On Milkwood

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