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Content Curation: Personal Brand

Updated: Feb 16

Angelique Roux is a renowned personal trainer and fitness model with numerous awards to her name. She partnered with Modism to refine her brand, curate her content, and construct a digital presence that stands out from her competitors in the fitness market.

Personal Trainer Lifting Weights

The Objective: Curate Angelique's content, manage Social Media, schedule posts, and direct brand stories and copy for all digital platforms including: Facebook, Instagram and Website.

The Challenge: Angelique struggled to post regularly and consistently given her busy schedules.

As a personal trainer, she required active content, videos, clean photography and a distinct visual identity that set her apart in a highly competitive market without being sexually explicit or sleazy in an environment where aesthetic appeal is the name of the game and women tend to be objectified in this space.

Angelique wanted to tap into a more female orientated audience in the general and specialised fitness arena, looking to connect with women who are looking to improve, maintain and grow a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Growing brand awareness with a new image was the key objective and shifting the brand towards a more professional, inspiring and motivating visual identity was the goal with little management from her side.

The Strategic Approach: We partnered with Angie to reposition her brand identity by mapping out her strategic points of differentiation that set her apart from competitor athletes, fitness models and personal trainers both locally and internationally.

Instagram: We cleaned out Angie's personal brand profile to represent images that best projected her new brand identity and mapped out a content strategy to express her brand story going forwards.

Business Strategy: Apart from key messages we structured creative promotional offerings to increase sales and transactions and advised Angie to pursue online training and coaching to extend her brand reach and market penetration.

Angelique joined an online fitness programme that enables her to train her clients online as well as develop personalised eating plans for them.

Content Curation: We strategically designed a creative viewpoint for her social platforms that would guide her to both stand apart from her competitors in the market and tell a story in a unique and appealing manner.

We remained flexible and partnered with Angie to work around her busy schedules to video and photograph content that would capture her in action.

Having built a good relationship with her, Angie trust Modism to write copy, schedule posts and manage content to ensure optimisation and consistency.

Website: Modism partnered with Angie to build a personal brand website that would serve as a portfolio and client touchpoint in the short term and hopefully for the long term gain traction for online sales.

Gym Website Build

Reports and Consults: We regularly provided feedback and met monthly to discuss strategic pivots and plan of actions.

The Result? Over the period of social media management, Angie's brand engagement increased with her desired target audience and gained traction with online clients.

Check out Angelique Roux and if you'd like to partner with us for your social media needs click the connect tab.

Fitness social media page: Instagram

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