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A brand is so much more than a logo or name - it is the very heart of an organization and out of it the life force of the company flows.  


At their core; brands are a promise made and one that needs to be kept at every touchpoint a person engages with them along the consumer journey.


At Modism, we have a passion for building authentic brands that resonate with a people and that adds value to their lives and the market as a whole.


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Marketing is less about the flyers, brochures and social media posts you put out as it is about the conversations you're having and what you're both saying and hearing.


Marketing is about connecting your brand to your people in a way that forms a lasting relationship rooted in love.


It's the sum of every touchpoint, every message and every experience you hope to create wrapped up in one word: MARKETING.


We offer strategic marketing, namely, how do these initiatives result in a transactions. 


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You cannot innovate without insight and insight requires perception and understanding into markets, human behaviour and the ability to see the gap.


This requires perception and a wisdom to know how to unveil these core truths.


We've been crafting our skills in this area and refining our tools for over 15 years and counting, transforming the way brands relate to their audience.


We're experts at exploring the human mind and we love doing it and we have the savoir-faire that helps us get to those insights better than most.



We are certified coaches who partner with CEO's, management teams and leaders wanting to move to the "next level" 


We help our clients shift perspective, identify false beliefs and breakthrough toxic cyclical patterns that prohibit them from living their purpose and roles with power and authenticity.

Whether you're a CEO, an entrepreneur, manager who oversees a team, coaching will enable you to navigate conversations with greater confidence, authenticity and  poise.

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