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Brand Launch

Updated: Feb 16

CybiWealth is an investment portal that allows individuals to build a global share portfolio. The brand prides themselves on making it easy for their clients to understand investing, and to invest simply, in a high quality share portfolio of multinational equities.

FIM Capital Limited worked with Marriot to launch a new app in the South African and UK markets, through this brand CybiWealth.

Online Investment Portal

The Challenge:

The brand had already begun the process of building and moving towards a launch but still required many of the essential elements needed to ensure its success.

In addition the Executive Committee had varied visions and views regarding the brand and best route to market.

The Strategic Approach:

Through strategic innovation we creatively partnered with CybiWealth to fill in the missing pieces.

We held a series of workshops, conducted research, interrogated the brand’s product offering, provided fresh perspective that resulted in a more fine tuned brand identity, marketing plan an user experience.

Through a series of workshops Modism brought vision alignment amongst the committee members and built a new brand identity that separates CybiWealth from it’s competitors whilst resonating with their internal and external audiences in an authentic way, without cannibalising on Marriott's existing markets.

We also established a route to market that appealed both to the UK and South African audience whilst creatively commissioning the budget to build the brand as a whole.

The Result?

CybiWealth as a result had a more fine tuned product to launch for market and board members had one vision for the brand.

Offshore Investing At A Click Mobile App
Offshore Investing At A Click


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